DAYTONA, Oct. 19 - 21, 2007
RACING THE R1200S X-Bike in ASRA & CCS Races during MOTO-ST weekend

Willie. Brett & Mike, work on the x-bike
Chris doing his thing with the engine management system

Chris talks with Brian as he reconnects some plugs
Push in the spark plug cap & we're done
Brian gets on his gear
Chris rides the X-Bike to the Thunder Bike qualifying grid
3 BMW R1200S' lined up for Thunder Bike qualifying. Bike #218 is Cooper, #146 is Brian & #12 is Nate.

In a show of BMW domination, all 3 BMW R1200S' came across the line together at the end of qualifying in positions 1, 2 & 3
The X-Bike ran perfectly
So here is the end result of weeks of work - it rained on race day and the Thunder Bike race was cancelled... That's racing.