Checkered Flags were the order of the day as Brian WON 3 out of 4 Races

750 Production
Open  Twins
Formula Pacific
750 Super Bike
Started in the 9th position
Started in the 5th position
Started in the 27th position
Started in the 7th position

Chris measures the front suspension
Tom and Pete help Chris check the fuel
Jeff replaces the Brake Pads
Brett tightens the rear wheel with new tire
There's nothing quite like a happy crew
Friends and Family stop by our pits
Riders are even on 2 wheels when visit each other
OK, plus 1 means I'm ahead by a second or is it minus 1? How does this thing work?
Brian resets his lap timers
Brian doesn't even know his picture is being taken - total focus (unbelievable)
Jeff lets the bike down & Brian is off to the races
Down the ramp and on to the pre-grid

Lined up & ready - Brian gives us a thumbs up
With the engine a full revs, the bike is ready to launch

Brian picks off the competition one by one
Pete and Brett watch #46 head up the hill

Brett & Pete are happy with the lap times
Brian gets another one
Out in front coming into turn 11
Wow Brian's really movin'

Jeff congratulates Brian in the Winner's Circle
Chris congratulates Brian as his wife (Rosa) looks on
Brian is interviewed in the Winners Circle and graciously thanks SJBMW and his Sponsors
Our BMW flanked by a pair of new Ducati 1098's
We got out of the way just in time
The Crew looks on while Brian receives his trophy
Brian's Fans come in all sizes
Team San Jose shares in the celebration
The MULE sure made us proud today!

It's harder to keep Brian in tires - than it is to keep a 3 year old in shoes

(I don't think all of these are his)