750 Production
Open  Twins
Formula Pacific
750 Super Bike

Jeff & Michael take the X-Bike off the stands
Brian heads out
Brian WINS the race & pulls in
Back in the pits as the crew gets the bike ready for the next race
Next Race is OPEN TWINS: is the pinnacle of racing for 2 cylinder motorcycles (just like SuperBike is for 4 cylinder bikes). Bikes that compete in this class are: Ducati 1098 / 999 / 998's - Aprilia Mile' & Tuono's, Suzuki SV1000's, Harley-Davidson Buell's, Honda Super Hawks & RC51's & any other twin cylinder bike that qualifies. Compared to most of the competition, the BMW is down as much as 20-30 hp. We obviously can't beat them in a drag race, so Rider Skill, Bike Handling & BMW's incredible Brakes will have to do the job.
Brett changes brake pads - we go through a lot
Brian is anxious to get to the grid for this race
Brian will be starting in the middle of the 2nd row. Nate is once again stuck back in 32nd position
Brian fights his way through the bikes in front of him & ends up behind leader Tom Montano (Brian's MOTO-ST Teammate at Road America) Tom is a very good rider & he's on a new Ducati 1098. The Ducati has 160hp.
Brian is on a tear... he wants to beat Tom badly & he sets his fastest laps of the day while chasing him down
Brian launches the X-Bike out of turn 11 with the Ducati of his friend Tom Montano directly ahead & the only thing standing between Brian & the checkered flag!
Next time around - Brian has passed the Ducati
Much to Tom's dismay - Brain even pulls away!
The last lap - the Ducati 1098 gives it everything he's got - but nothing works against Brian & the X-Bike
Nate points to the camera man on the last lap
Back in the pits - Brian is talking with his son "Did you see daddy beat uncle Tom?"
Riders wait in the shade for the 3rd race of the day. This is a monster of a race called Formula Pacific. Basically there are no rules. Only the 20 fastest lap times of the event qualify for the race. You've got GSXR-1000's, Yamaha R1's, Honda CBR 1000RRs, MV Agusta's, Ducati 1098's. We are seriously out horse-powered against the 4 cylinder water cooled bikes (by as much as 50 hp) but Brian never passes up a chance to race. Brian starts 18th on the grid.

Brian rides the wheels off the R1200S during the Formula Pacific race. He started in the 18th positions & still passed 12 competitors to take a 6th at the flag.

750 SuperBike: The last race of the day. Why do 1200cc BMWs race in this class? The 750cc SuperBikes are 4 cylinder, over head cam, multi-valve machines with water cooling. Most of them run 140 to 160hp. SuperBike also allows unlimited suspension, wheel & tire upgrades. In other words, expensive racing suspensions with light-weight wheels & racing slicks. The BMW is an Oil/Air cooled engine with 2 cylinders (and shaft drive, the 750s have chains & sprockets & can change their gear ratios). We don't have over head cams (ours is called cam-in-head) & we have push rods (though they are only 2" long). So regardless of the engine size - the bikes are very competitive even though BMW once again gives away the farm on horsepower.

Michael, Ben & Jeff watch the race from pit lane
The rest of the crew rides down to turn 7 to watch
Brian is on a mission to win his 3rd race of the day
Look closely & you'll see that Brian is actually passing this GSXR on the INSIDE of the turn!
I don't know about you - but I don't think many people have the skill or ability to be riding at race speeds (over 100mph in this corner) in the heat of competition, and have the focus or awareness to simply look over at the photographer (Tim, webmaster) for a photo having just passed for the lead...... wow.

On the cool down lap after another hard fought race
We can build winning race bikes, but we can't get a 50cc scooter started to get back to the pits??
The X-Bike made us all proud today, winning 3 out of 4 races & bringing Brian home safely - the scooter did it's job too (by towing home one of the other pit bikes)