INFINEON - SEPT. 29, 2007

Everything is ready to go

The front brakes are inspected after practice
Brett installs a video camera
Steve and Tom talk tactics with Brett
Some last minute advice from Tom
Steve Atlas is ready for some practice laps
Chris removes the tire warmers
SJBMW sets up our pit for the 4 hour race
Jeff measures fuel left in the bike's tank so we know how far the bike can go on a fill up
Riders; Tom Montano & Steve Atlas
Chris contemplates the new bike - did we forget anything? Brett stands by.
Mike & Jeff wait for the riders to take the bike
The crew stands on the wall waiting for the bike to come by at the start of the race
Tom comes around turn 11 for the start
Tom comes by, several positions higher

(left to right) Michael, (rider) Steve Atlas, Jeff, Chris & Pete
Tom mixes it up through the turns
'Aluminum Bob's' belly pan looks great!
Tom pulls in for a full service pit stop & rider change
The fuel goes in - Tires look great!
Steve climbs on
Steve get comfortable quickly
Steve tears by turning a 1:48 lap! (on an 800 twin)

In the heat of battle - Tom passes on some info to Steve during a Green Flag pit stop
Last fuel stop in this 4 hour race
It's all over. Brett checks his stats, Jeff relaxes for a second & Chris is obviously satisfied with the 4th place result. Next stop - DAYTONA!
The F800S proved to be up to the challenge as a Race Bike.
Tom is interviewed following the team's impressive performance on an un-tested racebike.