MOTO-ST 8hrs at DAYTONA Oct. 20, 2007

Both of our MOTO-ST bike at the Pit Wall before the 2 hr practice session

Chris does a pre-race interview
Kent & Chris relax before the storm (8 hr race)
Cooper & Brian head to the motor home to talk
Chris & Kathleen talk with their newest rider
Brian signs autographs before the race
Race time gets closer
Brian prepares his gear for the 8hrs
Kathleen captures some moments in time
Maryann & Joe Mallek provide support for the whole team & their son Brett
George, Frank & Dean
Jeff prepares the quick fill gas rig
The Pirelli Tire Man is happy with his $4,000 sale to team San Jose BMW
Dean escorts Brian & Nate on the Official Race Scooter
It's time to head for the track
Our bike is rolled out to the Hot Pits
Cooper is briefed before getting on the bike
Chris organizes the troops for battle
Mike focuses on his job during pit stops
The film crew gets all the action
Cooper is ready to go
The 8 Hour Race Starts
Richard Cooper takes the first stint on #46

Cooper turns some unbelievable lap times, constantly swapping for the lead
Discussions on tactics abound
Richard Cooper proved to be a fantastic rider
Cooper picks off the competition one at a time
The bike is prepared for Brian's turn
Brian takes off

Brian passes another competitor & chases down the leader

Willie & Nate discuss his upcoming stint
Cooper pulls in for service & rider change
Brett working the clocks & pit sign for both bikes. Talk about focused. His parents ensure he's got what he needs so he doesn't get distracted.
Brian & Nate pass on information
Brian re hydrates
Cooper & Brian discuss the bike & track
Tim takes some photos from the pit wall


With only 30 minutes to go in the race, we are only 2 seconds behind the leader.

When the leading Suzuki came back by but Cooper wasn't behind him. The track announcer says "a Ducati coming out of the pits has t-boned the SJ BMW Bike, sending it & the rider tumbling down the track"

Cooper went down very hard, but got up & ran to the bike. Amazingly, our 120 pound rider picks the bike up, gets it started & rides it back to the pits.

Brian high on the banking

The damage is extensive. Our Team goes to work on the bike. You can see the black tire mark on the fairing in front of the BMW Logo where the Ducati hit Cooper. Post race review of the bike showed: exhaust pipe was broken out of the right cylinder head, front & rear sub-frames bent & broken, handle bars bent, front & rear wheels out of alignment, belly pan broken loose, seat mounts broken off & NO FRONT BRAKES!
The crash wasn't our fault, but the officials were pointing out all the problems with the bike that could disqualify us. Chris points out that the 'MULE' is NOT leaking & the lights are still working, so there is no reason to Red Flag the "Defending Champions" (us) They let us run.
The bike was trashed! We couldn't believe Brian wanted to get on it & finish the race.
We were all worried about Cooper after the crash. Kathleen kept a close eye on him & worked his neck muscles to keep him from locking up.... he was OK but very sore.

Now riding a 'totaled' race bike - Brain's lap times were only 2 seconds a lap slower than before!

When he left the pits after the crash, we were 1.5 minutes behind - we finished only 25 seconds behind.

Brain was still doing 150 mph on that bike (right) at the end of the race!

Officials hold the entire field at the end of the race while the Top 3 teams in each class head to Victory Lane
Few people will ever admit that 2nd place can be as good as winning - today it was! SJBMW couldn't be more proud of it's riders & crew!

Super Cooper is still amazed at the amount of damage the MULE sustained. He was even more surprised that he got it back to the pits & that Brian finished the race on it.