MARCH 22 & 23, 2008

This was the 1st race of the AFM 08 season. We came to the track with our 2007 BMW R1200S (X-Bike). During the off-season, we installed a complete MOTEC Data Acquisition System that provides not only engine management, but suspension performance history, GPS track position and all input histories from brakes, throttle, transmission etc...... All very seriously high tech. This system has performed well in testing and this weekend would be it's first complete race. Only problem was - it failed. The system would cease to function when it got hot. Leaving our Team, Rider and Bike unable to run consistent laps at race speed.

Racers are a funny lot. They ensure everything is perfect.. ie, safety wired, tie wrapped, adjusted etc... until something prevents the entire purpose of the exercise - RACING. Then all bets are off and you do what has to be done to Make It Run.  (above right) When the MOTEC system overheated, it was moved from under the seat to a nice 'NASCAR' style hole cut into the body work. The only thing missing was the 4" flex tubing, a NACA duct and some 200 mph tape......

Telling Brian Parriott that he doesn't have a Race Bike that runs when he is at the track & suited up - is like taking away his birthday, that's not good!

It's bad enough that the bike won't run, it's even worse that Brian won't score ANY points!

Up walks Craig MacLean. An old friend of Brian's that races Ducatis. It just so happens that Craig has just purchased a Brand New back-up bike and he has offered it to Brian.
Brian, Jeff run over to Craig's pit & check out the bike to ensure it is ready to go. The 1st race starts in 5 minutes. Craig runs #501, so Brian simply adds an 'X' to the number to designate a different rider.
Brian checks the Ducati out and has trouble locating the switch for the Heated Grips.... Oh yea, it 's not a BMW. Jeff stands by, waiting for the call "all bikes to the grid"
Brian's bike has never been on the track before. In fact, Craig just got the race body on it and it still needs to get painted.
Brian and Jeff discuss whether or not they should get some BMW roundels for the Ducati.... just a thought

This was a private conversation between Brian & Craig......  I wonder what was being said?

* You know I would do anything for an old friend Brian

* This isn't a BMW - you can lean it ALL the way over

* You break it - you bought it!

* Remember, if you screw up - you have to swear in Italian, not German

What do you think?

Brian is on the far side of the front row as the Green Flag drops!

Brian rips by in 3rd position - What the hell is that noise? Oh yea its got a chain!
After the Checkered Flag drops, Craig and Brian return to the pits. Brain ran 3rd all but the last 2 laps. He was getting pressure from three bikes behind him and decided to let them by rather than dice it out on a borrowed (new) bike.

Brian finished 6th, his friend and MOTO-ST co-rider Tom Montano won and Craig's regular bike died on the starting line..... too bad he didn't have a back-up bike. (oops, Brian was on it)


Thanks Craig MacLean - you are a great friend!