We took at 13th at Iowa Speedway as we pulled to the line and intentionally didn't start the race

The Mule (left) and the X-Bike (right) are ready for the first practice session

We've raced all over the world and this track is not safe. It has no safe run off for motorcycles. Concrete barriers are used instead of hay bales, tires or air fences. As a result, San Jose BMW Racing has decided not to race in the 5th round of the MOTO-ST series. Chris says we will start the race - Brian will run two easy laps and come in - then Tom will get on and run two laps. After that, we will park the bikes in the trailer.

We love the MOTO-ST series, but bikes have never run at Iowa Speedway before and the track was designed for Stock Car and Sports Car racing. SJBMW Racing is 2nd in the points right now and we hate to pass on this race – but you have to take a stand when your rider’s lives are on the line. We hope that everyone that chooses to race in the 300 mile event tomorrow has a good safe race.




Brian, Chris and Tom are Ready!