October 2006 - We came, We raced, We Kicked Ass!

The bike we raced (VIN ZP30136) was our show room Demo. It was ridden by our customers & employees for two weeks before we decided to take it to a Sears Point Track Day. Our rider, Brian Parriott, was so impressed with the bike that we decided to enter it in some regional AFM races. After two months of AFM racing we had compiled four 1st place finishes and 5 seconds. 

We decided to take this bike (ZP30136) to Daytona and the rest is history. The biggest advantage we had at Daytona was having 3 of the best BMW riders in the world; BRIAN PARRIOTT, NATE KERN and STEPHANE MERTENS. All of our crew members worked very hard at Daytona.  To those teams and dealerships that helped us & congratulated us on a Job Well Done - THANK YOU!

In the garage at Daytona, Oct 2006
Speed Channel gets some close shots of the bike
Brain & Nate discuss the benefits of Heated Grips on Race Bike
Brian focuses on the task at hand while Willie tends to the bike
I guess Dean showed up too early, nobody else is there yet
No Dean, I don't know where the shuffle board court is
Dean gives an interview on behalf of Team San Jose BMW
Is there anything we may have missed?
Brain, Brett & Willie
Chris resets the timers
George has the new shoes
Will cleans the front wheel and spacers after a new tire is mounted
Frank & Bonnie supplied the creature comforts for the team - Good Job!
Dean - The God Father
Group discussion after another practice session
Number 46 and a showroom stock back-up bike for parts etc....
The whole crew at the Daytona 'Greasy Spoon'
Casual pit stop during practice
Brett does a Brake Pad change during a pit stop
Brett sends Brian out again for more practice laps
Out of the garage and headed to the track
Chris directs a practice pit stop before the race
Could you detail the bike later Chris? Stephan points out that he is in a bit of a hurry.....

Nate stops in the Daytona Pits to talk with a friend
New Front Tire and Brake Pads
Bike is fueled and ready to go as Brian walks out

Looking for the lead bike on lap one
Nate stays focused - his stint is next
Nate trades places with Stephen during a pit stop
MOTO-ST Officials talk to Brian when he pulls in at the end of the race - WINNER!
Brian takes the checkered flag after 8 hours of non-stop racing
It's all over and Brian climbs off the bike
You can't tell who's happier - Brian or Willie
Brian double checks the Leader Board to make sure he wasn't dreaming as Nate helps unplug Brian's radio
The Leader Board says it all - 228 laps completed - #46 in First Place
The 3 Winning Riders
At this moment in time - San Jose BMW is the Best Team in Motorcycle Racing!
The riders are interviewed in the Winner's Circle
Brian's turn
The 2006, 8hrs of Daytona Champions - Nate Kern, Brian Parriott & Stephen Mertens