The GHOST'S 1st Time at the Track

Brett and Chris go over their list of things to accomplish during the test
Final checks and adjustments while our rider, Brian Parriott stands by
With tire warmers still on and the bike warming up, Brian is ready to go
Chris tells Brian to let her rip
It's all over but the crying now as Brian heads to the starting grid
Waiting to line up on the grid
Brian starts in the back of the pack beind 36 other bikes
Brian gets a huge launch at the start, passing several bikes before the first turn
Brian heads hard into turn 2 at Infinion

4 laps from  the end - Brian has passed 34 bikes and is in 2nd place in the bike's very first race
Brian comes back to the pits and gives us a Thumbs UP - we got us a Race Bike boys
After the race, the wheels are pulled so the bike can be inspected front to rear