Work has begun on the new F800. This is one of BMW's newest models, featuring a vertical twin cylinder, counter-balanced engine. It is very smooth & makes good power. This bike qualifies to race in the GrandSport Twins – GST class of the MOTO-ST Endurance Series. It will be running along side our R1200S in this years 8hrs of Daytona race in October.

Brett lets the F800 ideal to ensure everything is OK
The finished system looks good and you can see the Quick Fill just poking out of the back of the seat
Brett rides it up the ramp and down the street
Back from his ride - it's a bit loud
Ready for a test ride
Just about ready

It looks like the exhaust works just fine
The muffler bracket if marked and modified
The finished pipe is installed - now comes the muffler
Chris welds up the new exhaust
Jeff cleans the exhaust welds and Brett makes a wiring harness
Chris starts to build the pipe from the headers to the muffler
The pieces are taped together to check fit
Chris and Jeff look at muffler placement
Once they decide where they want it, they tape it to the bike
The first of a dozen safety wired parts
We kept the stock shock but upgraded the spring
'Aluminum Bob' made us an unreal belly pan
It fits perfectly around the bottom of the motor
The stock gas fill was on the side of the bike
Quick Fill complete with a vent from the original fill
Looking at the F800's unique under-seat fuel tank (left) you can see the large hole that accomidates the stock fuel pump & pickup. To the left of that, the stock gas cap. At the top, you can see an "X". This is where the quick-fill will be located for racing, to ensure we get the maximum amount of fuel in the tank. (right) is the quick-fill mounted over the "X". This is where a passenger would normally sit (not any more)
To the left is Fuel Bottle, at the bottom is the new Quick-Fill awaiting installation & at the top (black) is the underside of the bike's fuel tank
Jeff tests the new Quick-Fill to see how long it takes to fill the fuel tank on the bike. The faster it fills, the sooner we can get out of the pits & back on the track
Brett and Chris install the Quick-Fill at the back of the bikes tank
Jeff fabricates a plate for the fuel tank breather
Once completed, Jeff installs the breather-plate
No part of the F800 is left untouched
Brett attends to the rear hub
Brett modifies the wiring-harness
Looking down at the Fuel Injectors with the body off
A very simple - but powerful engine
There's not much to the bike's bodywork