BUTTON WILLOW Raceway  3/25/07

With the MULE now rebuilt after the Daytona race on March 4th, Brian headed down to Button Willow for an AFM event.

Ben & Willie hook up the fuel tank
Bill & Ben mount the new front wheel

Bill & Ben take the bike off the stand
Ben replaces the front brake pads
Brian pulls out for the first race
Off in the distance, he heads down the back straight
On the gas
Brian pops up before the turn
Brian lays #46 over into the last turn before the front straight

Brian has a good day at the races:

Race 1: 750 Production - 5th place

(shifter broke and we still finished 5th)

Race 2: Open Twins - 3rd place

Race 3: 750 Superbike - 1st place

(left) Brian Parriott and his San Jose BMW crew:

Tim, Willie, Chris, Ben & Bill