Bonneville is "THE GREAT WHITE DYNO". Anything that can happen and will happen, good or bad. Even a visit from a slightly pissed off Mother Nature! No record this year as the salt was soft and unsafe in spots. Our top speed was only 152 mph this year (a speed that would have broken the record 3 years ago) but the new bike is very strong and shows real promise for next year. BTW - We Still Hold The Record in our Class at 164.117 mph. 

Kevin gives Willie a push to the starting line. The Salt on the North Course run was soft & Willie couldn't open the bike up, as it would step out every time he twisted the throttle - he still ran a 151 mph but he said the bike went through the lights a little sideways (pucker factor 9.5)

This pretty much tells the story of Bonneville 2007 - This lightning storm came right across the salt bringing rain & unreal wind. He had to pack up everything to protect if from the weather.

Willie, Kevin & Tim