R1200S    'X' BIKE (DaBomb)

Our Newest Bike is another R1200S, but with a difference.... This will not be a MOTO-ST bike like the Mule or the Ghost. This bike will feature all the hot rod stuff we can throw at it, to create the most horsepower possible.
The X-Bike Project was completed in July & raced the first time at Road America in WI. Below is the building process that took 4 months & a lot of late nights.
Chris and Jeff push XBike outside
Chris steps back to admire their work
XBike in his birthday suit
The MULE hasn't said what it thinks of XBike yet?

Engine, Suspension and Sub-Frames installed
Jeff installs the wheels
Chris tightens a bracket and helps Jeff set the front suspension - Willie and Brett do an excellent job of watching.....?
Brett runs a jumper to the starter motor
Chris give the motor a little throttle
Brett and Tom stand back a Chris brings the new Race Bike up to speed

Chris fits the body to the new bike
What color will Chris paint XBike?
Checking out the new body work
It's been a while - but maybe I'll race this one!
A new one-piece nose is installed
This new body work will make it much easier to remove
Chris installs a new set of performance pistons
Light weight and higher compression
Willie works on the electrical system
Brett works on the differential
Team work makes it happen
Chris makes a custom part
The Mule sits patiently, waiting for his new sibling
(above) the X-Bike at Road America, July 07 (below) Brian & the X-Bike blew away the field as it out performed even higher powered Ducati 1098s when he WON the Open Twins race with ease, Aug 07