Using What We Learned to Build The MULE

The bike was disassembled for modifications and Ben, Chris and Brett discuss assembly
Chris cleans up the ports on the cylinder heads
Chris created an new performance profile for the Ohlins shocks, then ran the shocks on our dyno
Our custom metal fabricator, Bob, makes a new air intake out of aluminum
New exhaust was installed on a custom light weight sub-frame
Modifications were made to the forward sub-frame. A larger oil cooler was also installed
There are no sprockets or chains on the BMWs so we have 3 differentials with 3 different ratios
All of the driveshaft components were inspected
A high performance clutch was installed
The main sub frame was inspected
The heads were pulled to inspect everything
Brett meticulously rebuilds one of our Ohlins shocks
Willie painstakingly modifies the body for the new Quick Filler
Jeff installs a new BMW roundel on the tail piece
Bill fills the bike with oil
Larger oil cooler with Chris' custom scoop
Tail section looks good with the new paint
Our new paint job
Finally complete and ready to load on the trailer for Daytona - Dean takes it down the street just because he could.......